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January 23, 2014

Forging Partnerships Building Relationships

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The Province has ambitious economic growth plans for LNG, oil and gas, and infrastructure development. What does this means for Aboriginal Canadians and the construction industry? In this presentation on energy development in BC some questions to be addressed include: what are the current best practices around First Nations consultation/engagement in BC? Are First Nations groups generally wanting to see equity ownership, contracting and employment opportunities in projects? What role should private industry play when governments are not able or willing to invest the necessary effort with First Nations groups?

Douglas Eyford is was a partner of a national law firm for several years before accepting an appointment in October 2007 by the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to act as chief federal negotiator for comprehensive claims and self-government negotiations. His report on the relationship of Crown-Aboriginal relations in the context of the west coast energy infrastructure projects is a result of this appointment.

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