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November 22, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth About The Talent Shortage Crisis - and How To Cope With It!

Signs are clear that every business is being affected by the apparent talent shortage. If your company is not planning long term solutions for your recruitment problems, get prepared for turbulent times ahead because the trend will get worse.

With the boomers at the doorstep of retirement, our birth rate and immigration rate are unable to compensate and replace all these happy retirees. It will take more than money to attract and retain the best and the brightest. To complicate matters, the new generation entering the work force is bringing with them a very different set of values than those making corporate decisions today.

Our speaker, Normand Rheault, will explore what is causing the phenomena and how modern organizations are coping with it.

Normand Rheault is Corporate Director of Human Resources at GENIVAR Limited Partnership, an engineering firm employing 2,200 employees across Canada. The firm is active in almost all fields of engineering such as: civil, mining, transportation, urban infrastructure, water treatment, environment, energy, building and project management.

Before joining GENIVAR, he was a consultant specializing in Organizational Development and new plant start ups.

October 18, 2007

Independent Power Producers in BC - What's the Buzz?

BC's Independent Power Production (IPP) industry continues to be vibrant and a consumer of significant construction resources. IPPs play a pivotal role in helping BC Hydro reduce our province's reliance on imported electricity. This presentation will describe the run-of-river, wind, and bio-energy projects that have competed to win contracts with BC Hydro. It will identify the major events, trends and challenges that are shaping the industry. It will describe BC Hydro's three upcoming Calls for Power and forecast which types of projects will likely evolve into tomorrows construction contracts.

Our speaker, Steve Davis is the President of the Independent Power Producers Association of BC and head of Steve Davis & Associates Consulting Ltd, a Vancouver-based consulting firm. Steve has been developing green IPPs in BC since 1990. He ran the project development subsidiaries for BC Gas (now Terasen) and Ledcor and developed biomass, co-generation and small hydro IPP projects in BC for 12 years prior to setting up his IPP consulting business. Steve has a Civil Engineering degree from UBC and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario.

IPPBC was formed in 1992. It is the voice of IPPs in BC. Its mandate is to develop a viable independent power industry in BC that serves the public interest by providing cost-effective electricity through the efficient and environmentally responsible development of the Province's energy resources.

September 23, 2007

A City Under Construction - Vancouver Viewed From the Water

Cleanup and construction are moving at a fast pace in Vancouver these days. From the repair of the Stanley Park Seawall to the building of the Southeast False Creek Olympic Village, from condos to the Canada Line, there is a lot of activity on Vancouver's waterfront.

The Board of Directors would like to invite you and a guest to join them on a cruise into False Creek for an up-to-date waterside view of several major projects. The southeast False Creek development is on track to include new parks and the Olympic Athletes Village in time for February 2010. One of the Canada Line tunnels under the creek is complete with a station being built at the foot of the Cambie St. Bridge on the south side. And the cruise will include a chance to see the reconstruction project on the Stanley Park Seawall damaged during the wind storm last November.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear about these outstanding projects from the people in charge while enjoying the ambiance of dining on the water. Register now as capacity is limited. This year's boat has a walk around deck for plenty of viewing.

September 20, 2007

BC's Mining Industry - Digging Deep for Opportunity

There is activity in BC's mining industry that will provide opportunity for the construction sector. What are these opportunities and prospects for future development? A surprising amount of infrastructure including roads and ancillary buildings will provide the need for a large range of design and consulting services beyond the actual mines. At this meeting learn about new projects currently undergoing permitting and feasibility assessment for development as well as those that have now begun construction such as the $2.1 billion US Galore Creek Project in northwestern BC.

Our speaker, Michael McPhie is the President and CEO of the Mining Association of BC. He has over 15 years of professional domestic and international experience working at senior levels within industry and government. Over his career, Michael has been responsible for the regulatory, environmental, political/government relations and community related aspects of a number of mining projects across Canada, in Central and South America and southern Asia.

Established through an act of the BC Legislature in 1901 to represent the interests of BC's mining industry, the Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) is one of the oldest industry associations in the province. The MABC represents the senior companies of BC's $10 billion mining and smelting industry. Mining remains BC's second largest resource industry and continues to be an essential part of the provincial economy.

June 14, 2007

Sea-to-Sky Highway Upgrade - A Safe & Scenic Ride

The Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement DBFO Project is well underway in the 2nd year of a four year design-build period. The BC Ministry of Transportation and Partnerships BC developed the DBFO process to bring safety, mobility, and reliability improvements to the Sea-to-Sky Highway 99 corridor. Substantial completion is scheduled for October 2009 in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics in February.

Our speakers will provide an overview of this 25 year public-private partnership (P3) infrastructure concession; give an overview of the design-build organization; discuss the technical and logistical challenges to keep the project on budget and on schedule; and talk about lessons learned to make a successful P3 highway improvement project.

David Wallace is a Manager with Peter Kiewit Sons Co. Ltd. in Vancouver. He is a civil engineer with over 30 years of North American experience on large transportation, communication and hydro projects. Tony Purdon is a senior associate with Hatch Mott MacDonald Ltd. in Vancouver. He is a civil engineer with 20 years of North American and international experience in the planning, design and construction of transportation and infrastructure projects.

May 24, 2007

William R. Bennett Bridge - Making Connections

The Ministry of Transportation awarded a 30 year concession to SNC Lavalin for the design, construction, financing, and operation of the new William R. Bennett Bridge. The existing 50 year old Okanagan Lake Bridge is deteriorating and its three lanes are overwhelmed with traffic. The new crossing will consist of a 330m fixed section at the West end, and a 700m floating section consisting of concrete pontoons which will be one of the few floating concrete bridges in the world. The bridge will feature five lanes and an 18m high marine navigation span, which will replace the existing lift span. Construction is scheduled to be complete in the summer of 2008.

Our speaker, Tom Tasaka, the Project Director, is responsible for overseeing the $139 million Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) component of the Concession. He will discuss how the project has been organized to make best use of local and other BC resources, working with the many stakeholders such as the City of Kelowna and Westbank First Nation, how many of the challenges are being resolved, and the current status of construction.

April 19, 2007

Annual General Meeting - Thoughts on Vancouver's Civic Design and Future Growth

Guest Speaker Brent Toderian

Vancouver is often referred to as a "City by Design". It has a proud tradition of attention to the public realm, and a process of shaping the City's architecture to achieve public goals. Such goals can include livability, sustainability, civic beauty, economic development and so on. Some suggest however, that the resulting architecture is becoming too similar, and call for more design creativity and diversity. At the same time, initiatives like EcoDensity and the results of the Metro-Core Economy Study may change the way the city is built. Brent Toderian, the City of Vancouver's newly appointed Director of Planning, will present on EcoDensity, jobs in the downtown peninsula, the state of Vancouver architecture and design, and how this will impact the growth of the City.

Brent came from the City of Calgary where, as Manager of Centre City Planning + Design, he oversaw visioning, policy plans and strategies; area master planning; development design and architectural review; civic realm design; heritage planning; and special projects work in Calgary's Downtown, Midtown and Beltline communities.

April 19, 2007

Canada Line Station Design- A presentation by Chris McCarthy of SNC-Lavalin.

The $1.9 billion Canada Line Rapid Transit Project is the largest infrastructure Public Private Partnership (P3) in Canada. It connects downtown Vancouver with Richmond and the Airport. It is being partially financed, designed, constructed and will be maintained by SNC-Lavalin Inc. and its partners. The alignment, which is 19 km long, consists of an elevated and at-grade guideways, a cut and cover tunnel along Cambie Street and a bored tunnel under downtown Vancouver. There are 16 stations, ten traction power substations and an operations and maintenance facility; eight of the stations are underground, six are elevated and two are at-grade.

Our speaker, Chris McCarthy, is the Director of Fixed Facilities for the project and responsible for overseeing the design of the stations, substations and the operations and maintenance centre. Chris will discuss how the project translated the global transit planning objectives for the system through to establishing the station architecture; provide an overview of the current station designs; touch on some the technical challenges and give an update to the current status of station construction.

February 22, 2007

The Rebirth of the Woodward's Site - New life in the Downtown Eastside

Architect Gregory Henriquez will give an update on the Woodward's development highlighting its unique design features and the challenges faced in designing, obtaining approvals and constructing this milestone project.

The Woodward's project is the latest of several developments designed by Gregory in the Downtown Eastside which gives him a unique and high level perspective of current and future directions in this issued-plagued region of Vancouver and the impact that developments like this will have on the area.

Gregory is Managing Partner at Henriquez Partners Architects and is currently the architect in charge of the Woodward's Redevelopment Project, the largest mixed-use project in the history of Vancouver. Other current projects include the new Lynn Valley Town Centre and Library and he also starting work on the design phase of the Old BC Electric Building Site at Carrall and Hastings.

In 2004, Gregory was awarded a Governor General's Medal in Architecture and was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts.

January 25, 2007

The BC economy in 2007 - How Will it Affect the Construction Industry?

The construction industry is facing substantial growth but with considerable cost challenges to achieve results. In this presentation Helmut Pastrick will present a five year outlook on the BC economy with emphasis on the construction industry. He will explain how the construction industry is impacted by domestic factors such as government spending on infrastructure, expansion of electric utilities, and the state of the local housing market. The tight labour market, construction cost pressures and the impact of the 2010 Winter Olympics on the economy and construction will also be examined.

Helmut Pastrick is Chief Economist for Credit Union Central of British Columbia, the umbrella organization for the credit union system in the province and editor of the Economic Analysis of British Columbia newsletter, a well regarded and widely circulated publication by the credit union system in British Columbia. He provides economic analysis and forecast services to the credit union system.

Prior to joining the Credit Union Central of BC in 1997, Helmut was esponsible for analyzing and forecasting the provincial housing market and economy when working for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in BC.