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December 7, 2005

Dave Rudberg - Olympic Legacies for Vancouver

It's the time of year for traditions. Come and share ours. You and a guest are invited to join the Directors of the BC Construction Roundtable for the year end reception. Dave Rudberg, General Manager, Olympic Operations for the City of Vancouver will be joining us. He will discuss the issues and challenges in managing the City's involvement with the 2010 games.

Dave Rudberg was the General Manager of Engineering for 13 years with the City of Vancouver. In his new position he is responsible for coordinating and managing Vancouver's Olympic legacy. This includes the physical structures and economic impacts as well as accessibility and environmental issues. He is also mandated to look at ways of ensuring we are good hosts and that we maximize the legacies for the City by using Olympic opportunities.

November 17, 2005

A Bridge Across Korean Waters - The Incheon Grand Bridge

Brian Bentz, President, Project Investment Americas, is responsible for AMEC Project Investments market development and the development of all projects in the Americas, which involve the investment of AMEC capital for public-private partnerships and renewable energy projects.

Brian has worked much of his career on the development of major international projects and commercial relationships in 30 countries and understands cultural issues in international business. He has played a major role in many significant transactions, including, the US $1.1 bn Kiani Kertas pulp mill in Indonesia, the US $235 million Ruzomberok pulp mill in the Czech Republic, a CDN $52 million office tower in Vancouver and the US $1.4 bn 2nd Incheon Bridge Toll Bridge in South Korea

The Incheon Bridge project is a 30 year concession to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the 12.3 km bridge linking Incheon City and Seoul to the new Incheon Airport.

AMEC plc is an international project management and services company that designs, delivers and supports infrastructure assets for customers worldwide across the public and private sectors.

October 27, 2005

Are We Ready For The Big One? - Urban Search and Rescue: What every engineer needs to know

The Big One or Katrina, how will Vancouver deal with a natural disaster when it happens? Come and hear the first hand Louisiana experiences of the Vancouver Urban Search & Rescue team. Engage in a panel discussion with City staff on Vancouver's preparedness and the roll the construction industry would have in prevention and recovery.

The Vancouver Urban Search & Rescue team has been on the frontline at disasters locally and around the world for ten years. This team is a City of Vancouver initiative designed to be self governing and to act autonomously from the contributing agencies on the front lines.

Brian Inglis is the team leader. A 28 year veteran with the City, Brian previously worked in the Structures Engineering Branch. Prior to this, he was a paramedic for the State of Washington and has extensive experience in mountain rescue. He has had first hand operational experience at hurricane Andrew, the Turkish earthquake in 1999, the North Vancouver mudslide and, most recently, hurricane Katrina in Louisiana.

As leader, he is responsible for all aspects of the operational management as well as on going strategic planning, logistics management, and training. He also manages all financial aspects, legal requirements and provides the necessary coordination between the contributing agencies.

This presentation will be of interest to engineers, contractors, lawyers, geotechs and others working in the construction industry. Join members of the USAR team and other city representatives to learn more about Vancouver's readiness and how this will impact on the construction industry.

September 22, 2005

Reaching for the Stars!! - From the universe to the entertainment industry

How far can we see? What do we see? David Halliday and his team have designed and built several of the world's largest telescopes that have embodied many innovative structural components. The market for high tolerance steel structures was pioneered by Amec Dynamic Structures, a local company. The skills honed on telescope design led to new markets for high tolerance and robotic amusement park rides.

David Halliday has been responsible for the success of these projects and holds the position of Vice-President and Director of Specialty Projects at Amec Dynamic Structures. He is also an adjunct professor at UBC.

In his presentation, David will outline the capabilities of the "BIG" telescopes and describe some of the engineering considerations that are critical in reading light years into space.

David will also discuss some of the other services and projects that Amec Dynamic Structures provide to the specialized Amusement Parks worldwide.

July 14, 2005

From Timber to Trade Shows - A Tour of Vancouver's Changing Waterfront

Vancouver is blessed with one of the finest natural harbours in the world. Long before there was a Vancouver, lumber schooners from around the world called in at Burrard Inlet's two mills, Moodyville and Hastings Mills. As early as the 1860s, timber destined for the world markets was loaded onto sailing vessels. With the arrival of the railway in the 1880s and the creation of the City of Vancouver, trade boomed and port traffic grew at a tremendous rate. Today, Vancouver's port is one of the busiest in the world and one of the largest container ports in North America. With increasing opportunities presented by Asia, Vancouver's port will continue to expand.

The Board of Directors would like to invite you and a guest to join them on a tour up Burrard Inlet. The tour will feature a waterfront look at the Convention Center construction site as well as highlighting the port and water front developments on the south and north shore.

Author, historian and heritage advocate John Atkin will be our guide for the evening. John has explored Vancouver like few others have and offers an interesting and offbeat insight to the city's architecture, history and neighbourhoods. He has created, and conducts, a number of unique and popular walking tours throughout the City of Vancouver. Recent books include Skytrain Explorer and Vancouver Walks.

June 16, 2005

The Buzz in BC - What's in it for you?

Over the next ten years, there will be high demand within the construction industry for skilled professionals and trades. With many major projects now underway how will the industry manage the resources necessary to get the jobs done? Find out what the government's plan is to manage this activity to 2010 and beyond. Project Managers for six key projects will talk about their construction schedules and how they plan to meet budget and time commitments. Join us for this timely session on construction activity in BC.Vancouver International Airport traffic is on the rise again and the airport is expanding to meet airline and passenger needs. As part of the $1.4 billion expansion program, a series of major building projects totaling $500 million will be built over the next 2 years to accommodate this growth.

May 26, 2005

YVR is Taking Off! - Your Airport Improvement Fee at Work

Vancouver International Airport traffic is on the rise again and the airport is expanding to meet airline and passenger needs. As part of the $1.4 billion expansion program, a series of major building projects totaling $500 million will be built over the next 2 years to accommodate this growth.

Bob Cowan has worked with YVR since 1994 and has been responsible for maintenance, building permits and the capital expenditure program for the Airport Authority. In his new capacity of Senior Vice President, Engineering he is overseeing the current capital plan.

In his presentation, Bob will outline the planned major building projects and describe some of the unique challenges of delivering these projects in an operating airport. He will talk to some of the design challenges including accommodation requirements for the new A380 aircraft and how the West Chevron expansion project builds on the YVR experience with continuation of a West Coast feel through the new aquarium.

April 21, 2005

The RAV Project - It's time to climb aboard!!

SNC-Lavalin/Serco has recently been selected as the private sector partner on the $1.72 billion RAV line which will connect Vancouver with the Airport and Richmond. It is the largest Public Private Partnership (P3) in BC to date and includes design, build, operate, maintain and partial financing.

Our speaker, Jim Burke, is well qualified to talk about the Project since, as Senior Vice-President and General Manager of SNC-Lavalin's Transportation Division, he led the successful effort to obtain RAV. Within SNC-Lavalin, Jim has global responsibility for transportation projects, including railways, mass transit systems, and airports. In addition, he is responsible for all project management, engineering and construction activities for SNC-Lavalin's infrastructure projects in British Columbia.

Don't miss this special opportunity to be the first in your block to hear about the schedule, construction methods and SNC's procurement strategy directly from the horse's mouth.

March 10, 2005

Annual General Meeting

Guest Speaker: The Honourable Kevin Falcon
Opening Up BC - A Transportation Plan to Revitalize British Columbia's Economy

British Columbia is enjoying a revitalized economy, with even brighter prospects ahead. The key to ensuring this continued economic prosperity is an integrated and efficient province-wide transportation system. As transportation investment reaches new heights in this province, the Ministry of Transportation will continue to rely on professional engineers, road builders and trades people to deliver safe and affordable infrastructure. Our speaker, Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon, will outline the role transportation facilities such as ports, airports, highways and railways will play in facilitating future growth in BC. Kevin Falcon was appointed Minister of Transportation in 2004. He was first elected to the provincial legislature in 2001 in the riding of Surrey-Cloverdale.

February 24, 2005

Managing Project Cost Escalation - Big Picture Questions

The province's construction sector is gearing up for Olympic facilities projects, major transportation projects, and the needs of a booming resource sector, against a backdrop of a sustained strong residential market. This scenario, combined with significant escalation in construction costs on the global stage, has many in our industry raising concerns about the potential for significant cost escalation in construction in the region. How real a concern is this? What is causing it and how long is it expected to last? What techniques are available to help construction professionals manage this issue? How are major industry players responding? Come and hear a panel of industry practitioners and experts give you their perspective on these and other issues. The session will close with an opportunity for you to raise in-depth questions with the panel.

Panel members included:
    Phil Hochstein, ICBA
    Tony Steadman, Quantity Surveyor
    Tim Philpotts, Risk Assessment Expert
    Alan Whitchelo, Developer
    Anibal Valente, Contractor