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December 15, 2004

Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell: Planning for Vancouver's FUture

As Vancouver prepares to welcome the world in 2010, a number of projects are planned to coincide with the construction of the Olympic facilities such as the new Convention Centre, the Woodwards development and South East False Creek. How will this increased activity in the construction industry impact on the residents of Vancouver and affect liveability in the city?

Join us at our year end reception and hear Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell tell us about these plans that could change the City.

Mayor Campbell swept into office in 2002 as part of the left of centre COPE slate, upsetting almost 70 years of Non-Partisan Association control. Two years into his three year mandate, he can be credited with, among other things, opening Canada's first safe injection site and holding a citywide referendum on the 2010 Winter Olympics to demonstrate support for the games.

December 2, 2004

Back to the FUture: Building BC's ENergy Infrastructure

Hon. Richard Neufeld, Minister of Energy and Mines

China 's voracious appetite for resources is creating a new export demand in BC's mining industry. At the same time a looming shortage and higher prices of energy supplies is creating opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Will this synergy provide unprecedented opportunities for the construction industry?

Our speaker, the Hon. Richard Neufeld, BC's Minister of Energy and Mines will help us answer this question by telling us about the upcoming projects including offshore oil and gas and how our industry can take advantage of them. He will also discuss the relationship between major projects and economic growth, relevant government policies, funding sources and project timing as well as BC's future and how the development of our cities and province compares with other parts of the world.

Richard Neufeld was first elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1991 and was appointed Minister of Energy and Mines on June 5, 2001. He has been involved in the oil and gas industry for most of his life mainly in Fort Nelson and Fort St. John where he currently resides.

November 4, 2004

Hoop Dreams: Constructing the 2010 Olympic Games

We are very pleased to welcome Steve Matheson, Senior Vice President, Venue Development for the 2010 Winter Games as our next speaker. In this special presentation he will enlighten us about the plans for the Games venues such as when the design and construction contracts will be awarded, how the projects will be procured and the schedule for the works. In addition, he will describe the lessons learned from past Olympic Games including Athens.

Steve has spent many years in the Vancouver construction industry. Most recently he was Senior Vice President with Dominion Construction where he was responsible for such projects as General Motors Place , Richmond City Hall and Burnaby Mountain School.

You won't want to miss this important event. Book early and avoid disappointment as space is limited.

September 16, 2004

High Speed Rail?: Is North America ready?

People are talking about high speed rail. Up and down the West Coast, from Vancouver to San Diego, along the East Coast stretching from New York to Miami and everywhere in between! Maps have been drawn, business cases presented, environmental studies completed, and ridership studies are underway. Is North America ready for high speed rail? Has the time finally come to move from the endless planning to serious implementation? One such opportunity lies close to home; the Calgary/Edmonton corridor. First considered in the early 1980s, this route is once again the subject of renewed interest due to a recently released study highlighting the positive economic viability and resulting benefits.

This month's topic seeks to stimulate discussion on a few key issues particular to the North American high speed market: what is high speed rail and how will it work in the North American market? What are the unique challenges for North American technologies? What obstacles does high speed face?Who are the natural business partners for development? Is there a formula for success?

Lecia Stewart, Vice-President, High Speed Rail, North America at Bombardier Transportation, has spent the last two decades building business cases, forging partnerships, and negotiating contracts to deliver major urban transportation infrastructure projects. In addition, she leads the negotiating team for Bombardier Transportation for a $4.3 billion high speed rail project in Florida. She will share her experiences and key insights concerning the transportation arena - the issues, challenges and opportunities for high speed rail.

July 8, 2004

A River Runs Through Us: History on the Fraser

The Fraser River has been a major maritime highway for decades. Join us on the MV Native paddlewheel boat to learn about the history of this mighty river and what is in store for the future.

Our guest speaker, Archie Miller, will provide an entertaining and informative commentary on the history of the region. Arthur is a well-known local historian with a Shaw TV series Secrets of the City - New Westminster and a weekly history column for The Record. Dale Miller will also be on hand to answer questions.

Several BCCR directors will talk about future projects along the route.

We hope you can join directors, members and guests for a social evening on the Fraser River.

June 17, 2004

Building a Climate-Friendly City: Vancouver's Response to the Climate Change Challenge

What does it take to build a climate friendly city? Mark Holland, the City of Vancouver's Acting Manager of their Sustainability Group will present an overview of the work being done with the Cool Vancouver Task Force to develop action plans to reduce climate change emissions including what the City is doing to reduce emissions in its corporate buildings, fleets and operations, to a level 20% below 1990 levels by 2010. Issues affecting buildings, infrastructure and transportation are outlined in the Draft Community Climate Change Action Plan that is undergoing a consultation process for the next 6 months. Information on the plan can be found at

Mark Holland is a LEED accredited planner with professional training both in Landscape Architecture and Community and Regional Planning. He is a principal with one of BC's leading sustainable development planning firms, the Holland Barrs Planning Group, and works closely with both developers and municipalities to promote more sustainable and climate-friendly policies and practices.

May 20, 2004

Tall and Thin is In: Vancouver's Changing Skyline

Vancouver's skyline has seen some dramatic changes over the last several years and the future will see even more. Taller is the direction things are heading.

James Cheng, James Cheng Architects will present to members and guests of the BC Construction Roundtable an overview of how we got here, what this means for Vancouver and some insights into where we are going. James has designed some of the most significant structures in Vancouver, including the Shaw Tower and 1120 West Georgia (soon to be Vancouver's tallest building).

Please join us to learn about Vancouver's changing skyline and what these innovations mean for the construction industry.

April 29, 2004

Roundtable Breakfast Meeting

This session will give members and guests an opportunity to share their thoughts and brainstorm ideas on how to take advantage of the upcoming activity in the local construction market.

The discussion will be initiated and moderated by BCCR Directors Jim McLagan, Marina Pratchett and Ian Rokeby. Subjects that will be discussed include possible shortages of consulting resources and construction labour and a share of opinions on the new forms of contract that are evolving with the popularity of P3 and Joint Venture agreements.

March 11, 2004

Annual General Meeting

Guest Speaker: Bing Thom, Architect There's more to Vancouver than meets the eye

Six years from now, the eyes of the world will be on Vancouver for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. It will be Canada's, and Vancouver's time to shine! What will Vancouver look like in 2010? Is the trend for development on the downtown peninsula conducive to creating a thriving metropolis? Is Vancouver growing into a livable city that offers the benefits of a resort or is the city in danger of becoming a resort that people live in? What transportation systems must be built to compliment the development? How does this development affect the economic engine of the third largest city in Canada as more people move downtown and more businesses move out? Bing Thom, an internationally acclaimed architect based in Vancouver, will talk about the opportunities of this exciting time in Vancouver's history.

February 19, 2004

When you build it they will come - Convention Centre Expansion Opens 2008

Russ Anthony, VP Strategic Management for Stantec and President & Project Director of the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project Ltd., is no stranger to large-scale projects. But the much anticipated expansion of the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre is on a tight budget, and an even tighter timeframe, as British Columbia looks for gains in the convention industry and prepares to welcome the world in 2010.

When it opened on July 4, 1987, the existing Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre caused some to wonder how its cavernous ballrooms and exhibition halls would ever be filled. But, in less than 10 years, the VCEC was at capacity and Vancouver ranked among the top convention destinations in the world. In fact, demand outstripped supply as a shortage of space cost almost $100 million in lost revenues in 1993 alone.

Today, with a combined $495 million financial commitment from the province, federal government and Vancouver's tourism industry, the expansion of the convention centre is slated to create more than 6,000 construction jobs as it moves to completion by the fall of 2008.

Please join us to hear about the current status of the project and the many upcoming opportunities for our industry.

January 22, 2004

From Hosiery to Housing - The Rebirth of the Woodward’s Building

City of Vancouver Councillor Jim Green and Manager of Real Estate Services, Michael Flanigan will present to members and guests of the BC Construction Roundtable an overview of the City's progress on the redevelopment of the former Woodward's property. This presentation will bring BCCR members and guests up to date on the history of the property including the City's acquisition of the site, the formation of the Project Management Framework that has been adopted by City Council, the highlights of the Community Consultation process, and the challenges and opportunities arising from the City possibly "acting as developer" of the property.

Michael will present an overview of the Expression of Interest process, including a review and summary of the submissions received and evaluated by the City. The presentation will also describe how the project will move forward for the balance of 2004 including the Request for Proposal competition, the key milestone timelines for the award of the development rights, and the outstanding issues pertaining to the successful completion of this important redevelopment project.