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December 10, 2003

Member's Reception - with special guest Architect Bing Thom

Ho! Ho! Ho! You are invited to our annual Festive Season Social and Networking event. This is a chance to meet with other members of the Construction Roundtable and chat informally about the construction business over light fare and a drink.

Our special guest, Bing Thom, is an internationally renowned architect. To help launch our theme for 2004, Foundations for the Futures, Bing will share his experiences about working in other cities and tell us how Vancouver is shaping up!!

Bing Thom is the principal of Bing Thom Architects Inc., a firm he founded in 1980 in Vancouver. Among his many award winning projects and innovative designs are the Canada Pavilion for Expo '92 in Seville, Spain; the Chan Centre for Performing Arts at UBC, the expansion of the Vancouver Aquarium and Marine Science Centre and the redevelopment of the Hotel Georgia expansion, which is slated to be Vancouver's tallest building.

November 20, 2003

Abbotsford Hospital - Will This be a Cure for what Ails P3s?

The new 300-bed hospital and cancer centre will be the largest development project ever undertaken in Abbotsford. Construction is scheduled to begin next year and be completed by the end of 2007. For the past 2 years, the development team has explored opportunities for increased involvement of the private sector in the design, development, operations and maintenance of the project. This has resulted in the decision to proceed with the project using a P3 approach.

Our speaker, Michael Marasco is the Chief Project Officer for Partnerships BC, Prior to this; he was a Vice President of Hospital Development with the Fraser Health Authority, which cares for the 1.3 million residents in the southwestern area of British Columbia. A Certified Management Accountant by profession, Michael has extensive experience in real estate, strategic and operational planning, marketing and sales, and information systems.

He will provide specifics on the size, scope and status of the project, and describe the many opportunities for the construction industry.

October 23, 2003

Doubling Delta - The Port Expansion

Huge growth is being planned for the Vancouver Port container business over the next 15-20 years. How will this growth be accommodated? And what will this mean for the construction industry? Mark Griggs will talk about the future of the Vancouver Port development in Burrard Inlet and in Delta at Roberts Bank. He will provide specifics on the plans for the expansion at Roberts Bank including the size and scope of the operation and what opportunities there will be for the construction industry.

Mark Griggs is Manager of the Container Development Group, a division of the Vancouver Port Authority. The Container Development Group is responsible for the planning and development of Port Vancouver's container terminal facilities including expansions to existing facilities as well as the development of new terminals. Prior to joining the Vancouver Port Authority, Mark worked as a project manager on a variety of industrial, commercial and resort projects throughout Western Canada, Australia and South East Asia.

September 22, 2003

Jumping through the Olympic Hoops! - Your Guide to Construction Gold

David Podmore is President and Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Concert Properties Ltd. Mandated to provide economically priced, multi-family rental and for-sale housing in British Columbia, Concert Properties Ltd. was created through a unique partnership including the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, BC pension funds, unionized labour, private corporations and individuals, and with an initial capitalization of $27.3 million.

With Concert Properties as a Community Contributor to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid Committee, David was the Team Leader of Venue Development, guiding preliminary planning for more than $600 million in new infrastructure planned for the 2010 Olympic Bid. This breakfast seminar offers a wonderful opportunity to hear David's unique perspective on the process leading up to Vancouver's successful bid and to find out about the construction projects that will be required to host the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler.

July 15, 2003

Rail of Two Cities - Elevated Transit in Vancouver and Seattle

The genesis of elevated transit began in 1962 with the Monorail at Seattle World's Fair. Many feel that it was this nearby operating example of elevated transit that made it easier to conceive of this form of transportation when Vancouver decided to build the first SkyTrain Line for the World's Fair in 1986. And the presence of a successful example has come full circle, with a public vote in Seattle to build a 14 mile line of Monorail connecting the Downtown to West Seattle and Ballard.

Our speaker, Alan Hart, Principal with VIA Architecture, is a past president of the BCCR. Last year at this time he was one of the guides on our successful tour of the Millennium Line for which he was chief Architect. He has since moved to Seattle as he and his team won the contract to design the high profile Seattle Monorail Project, despite the significant competition of several large American companies.

Alan will discuss how Rapid Transit, such as the Monorail Project can shape our cities, compare the Monorail to the Millennium Line and explain what it is like to live and work in the USA. Join us for what promises to be a fascination story of how a small, talented Vancouver company can win a high profile contract in the USA, and what it is like to be a Canadian living there after the war on Iraq.

June 19, 2003

The Fraser River Corridor -The Lower Mainland's Largest Road Infrastructure Initiatives

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The lack of road capacity in the Fraser Valley contributes to major congestion for people commuting and to the movement of goods and services. This breakfast session of the BC Construction Roundtable will offer a look at the plans for improving the road network in this area.

Geoff Freer, Program Director, Fraser Gateway will talk about the four short term projects and six long term projects that make up the Fraser Gateway plan.

Fred Cummings, Project Director, Fraser River Crossing, will present the current status and schedule for these major transportation initiatives. The 200 St. Crossing is one of the four short term projects

Learn about the timelines, budgets and construction opportunities with these transportation initiatives.

May 22, 2003

Steve Davis - BC's IPP Power Industry: New RUles, New Players, New Projects

Our speaker, Steve Davis is the President, Independent Power Producers Association. In the 10 years that he ran the capital project development subsidiaries of BC Gas and Ledcor, he developed and built over $200 million of power and utility facilitates including small hydro and biomass IPPs. He now provides strategic and commercial/financial advice to IPP developers, project financiers and companies providing technical services to IPPs, through his firm, Steve Davis & Associates Consulting Ltd.

His presentation covered six topics -

  • overview of BC's New Era power industry
  • review of BC Hydro's power procurement processes
  • status of power projects with signed Electricity Purchase Agreements
  • description of a run-of-river hydro power project
  • review the power projects recently shortlisted and invited to respond to BC Hydro's Call for Tenders
  • outlook for shortlisted projects

April 24, 2003

Half Day Seminar - Rebuilding the Region

Feeling down about the World situation and your current business opportunities? The BCCR has just the answer, an informative seminar on the prospects for BC in general and specifics on some upcoming projects, all presented by exceptional, knowledgeable speakers.

Seminar Objectives:

To give participants an overview of major future design and construction projects, examine the relationship between major projects and engines of economic growth in BC, identify relevant government policies, funding sources and project timing and provide detailed information on several new opportunities.

Speakers included:

Helmut Pastrick Chief Economist, BC Credit Union Central
Ardath Paxton Mann Assistant Deputy Minister, Western Economic Diversification Canada
Larry Blaine President and CEO, Partnerships BC
Frances Caruth Interim Corporate Director of Facilities Planning, Provincial Health Services Authority
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John Dyble Assistant Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Transportation
Russ Anthony Stantec Consulting, Project Director, Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project (VCCEP)
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March 27, 2003

Joe Redmond - University Town

The University of British Columbia has grown dramatically from a few granite buildings at the tip of Point Gray to one of the most prestigious Universities in Canada, and perhaps North America. This growth continues both in academic and research excellence and in the development and construction of new facilities. Currently, there is approximately $450 Million of new institution projects planned or under development.

Recognizing the impact of this growth on the region, the University in conjunction with the GVRD, adopted an Official Community Plan in 1997 to act as a guide for future development on the campus. One of the strategies in this plan is the creation of a University Town - an academic and culturally rich, sustainable community, supported by housing, retail, commercial and recreational facilities. Plans envision the development of over 12,000 housing units, a retail commercial centre, a major transportation exchange, and the development of University Boulevard as the vibrant mixed-use campus core.

Joe Redmond is Vice President of UBC Properties Trust, and is involved directly in the development and construction of both the institutional projects at UBC, as well as the planning processes that will shape the University Town. He will speak on the history of the planning process, current projects, and revisions that have taken place in the administration of the development process.

March 3, 2003

Annual General Meeting

Guest Speaker: Larry Beasley
From Canron to Condos: The continuing evolution of the City's waterfront

Larry Beasley, will talk about two significant land use planning exercises in which the City is currently involved. The South East False Creek Lands and the "East Fraser Lands", are being looked at as the next major areas of residential development in City lands that were previously industrial. South East False Creek has been designated by City Council as a model sustainable community. The East Fraser Lands comprising the Fraser River front lands between Boundary Road and Kerr Street, south of Marine Way are also being reviewed to establish a suitable mix of uses.

Mr. Beasley, as head of the Current Planning Division and Co-Director of Planning for the City of Vancouver, has been instrumental in leading the planning processes that have shaped previous successful major projects in the City, including the Concord Pacific project on the old Expo Site and the renewal of Coal Harbour and the Central Waterfront. He will talk about the City's major project planning process and the unique opportunities and challenges presented by these two current initiatives.

February 27, 2003

Peter Busby, Architect - Pilot of the Green Machine?

Vancouver is one of the World's leading cities in building "green" infrastructure. The 2010 Olympic Athletes Housing in False Creek is being designed as a Model Sustainable Community and owners are increasingly insisting on buildings that conform to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System.

Our speaker, Peter Busby, is an international authority in sustainable building design. His firm has received four Governor General Awards, six Lieutenant Governor Awards and over 40 other awards. Their York University Computer Science Centre was recently recognized with the World Architecture International Green Building Award. Don't miss this chance to hear this renowned Architect discuss his vision of our sustainable future.

January 27, 2003

Richmond/Airport/Vancouver Rapid Transit Project - A Status Report

The Richmond/Vancouver corridor is the principal north/south link in the regional transportation network and one of the busiest in the region. A rapid transit line in the corridor, which has long been part of the region's plans, is now coming to fruition. Work is currently being completed on the project definition phase of the 20 km route linking Richmond and the Airport with Vancouver (RAVP). The RAVP is being advanced as a Public/Private Partnership (P3) with a completion date of 2009. A Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) was issued late last year, with responses due on January 30 2003. An RFP will be issued to short listed proponents in the first half of this year.

Our speaker, John Eastman, the Technical Director for RAVP, will present a status report on the project and will discuss the many challenges that will be faced by the project team. John is one of the region's foremost transportation project managers. He is currently completing an assignment as President of RTP2000 Ltd, the project management team for the successful Millennium Line. John is also Chairman of N D Lea Consultants Ltd. Please join us for this important meeting on a major transportation project.