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December 18, 2002

December Members' Reception with special guest Councillor Peter Ladner

Come one, come all! You are invited to our annual Christmas Social and Networking event. This is a chance to meet with other members of the Construction Roundtable and chat informally about the construction business.

Our special guest, Peter Ladner, was recently elected to Vancouver City Council. To help launch our theme for 2003, Rebuilding the Region, Peter will share with us some of his visions for Vancouver and the region.

November 24, 2002

Improving the Sea to Sky Highway: Is this the Industry's Yellow Brick Road?

The Ministry of Transportation is planning long-awaited safety and reliability improvements to the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Future transportation supply and demand has been carefully studied, and local governments and key stakeholders consulted, with the goal of providing a viable, long-term transportation solution for this corridor. While the precise scope of the project remains to be finalized, it is anticipated that up to $670 million will be invested in corridor improvements between now and 2010.

Our speaker, Peter Milburn is the Executive Project Director for the Sea to Sky Project. During his 19 years with the Ministry, his road and bridge construction highlights have included construction and project management of the Tyee Overhead and elements of the Coquihalla Highway. Most recently Peter was the Regional Director for the Kootenays, responsible for more than 12,000 lane-km of roads, 500 bridges and structures and a $84 Million budget.

October 24, 2002

Offshore Oil and Gas Development - The Next Bonanza?

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By some estimates, BC's offshore oil and gas resources are equal to or greater than those in the northeast of the Province, and represent a significant potential economic opportunity. Development of the resources could be of great benefit to the construction industry and other sectors of the Province's economy. However, this potential must also be assessed in light of critical environmental, social and aboriginal issues that could affect possible development.

Our speaker, Patrick O'Rourke, will review the current status of offshore oil and gas development on the British Columbia coast. He will cover key topics including current estimates of reserves in the offshore, the history of exploration activities, the source and nature of the existing provincial and federal moratoria and how they would be removed, recent actions by the BC government to advance the issue, and anticipated next steps that could lead to renewed exploration and development.

Mr. O'Rourke as the Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy and Legislation Division, provincial Ministry of Energy and Mines, is the senior executive in charge of the offshore file. He is a lawyer with broad experience in administrative and regulatory law, and has an extensive background in negotiating complex agreements with the federal government and aboriginal groups.

September 26, 2002

Seymour-Capilano Filtration Project: Is it all Wet?

Doug Neden will review the highlights of the proposed Drinking Water Treatment Project scheduled to be constructed by the GVRD. This $450 million project to treat water from the Capilano and Seymour Reservoirs on Vancouver's north shore, has two components. One is a filtration plant below the Seymour Falls Dam located south east of Rice Lake within the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. The other is construction of twin 3.5m diameter bored tunnels each about 7.5 km long to bring water from Capilano Dam to the filtration plant and return it after treatment. A pumping station will be located at Capilano together with an energy recovery facility at the end of the return tunnel.

Doug is the Water Treatment Division Manager of the GVRD's Engineering and Construction Department, and has been leading the Water Treatment Program since he joined the GVRD in 1988. The first 19 years of Doug's career were in the water and wastewater consulting field. Doug has Civil and Environmental Engineering degrees. He is a past director of the American Water Works Association, and a past president of the BC Water & Waste Association.

Come and learn the details about this project such as when design consultants will be selected and when the construction portion will be tendered. The project is to be complete by 2007 with construction beginning next year.

July 25, 2002

Build It and They will Come!!!: A Ride on the Millennium Line

Be one of the first people to ride on the new Millennium Line. The Board of Directors of the BC Construction Roundtable invite you and a guest to join them on the new SkyTrain for a private tour of the route before it opens to the general public on September 3, 2002.

The tour will take you from the Lougheed Mall Station to the Commercial Station and back. During the Skytrain ride Alan Hart, Lead Architect, will provide an ongoing commentary on the stations explaining the design and construction processes involved with their formation.

Alan Hart is a principle of VIA Architecture (formerly Baker McGarva Hart) and provided the design management services to Rapid Transit Project 2000 Ltd. for the station design process.

Following the tour there will be a reception and dinner at the Executive Plaza. Representatives from architectural firms who designed the various stations, will be with us to answer your questions during the pre-dinner reception.

After dinner John Eastman will present an overview of the Millennium Project giving us a behind the scenes tour of how the project was built. John Eastman is the Project Director and President of Rapid Transit Project 2000 Ltd. and has been involved with the project since its beginnings.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn about the new Millennium Line from the people who designed and built it.

June 20, 2002

Crossing the Line: Expanding your Business across the Border

What would be the outcome if an earthquake happened here? Join us for this half day session on earthquakes and what the construction industry needs to know. We will hear from the experts on seismicity in coastal British Columbia, the different types of earthquakes we can expect, earthquake effects upon buildings and infrastructure, building code objectives for building performance in earthquakes, insurance aspects, effects of earthquakes on economies, and emergency planning.

What are the expectations of damage and possible budgets for repairs following an earthquake and the challenges for the industry to respond to such a disaster?

Using examples from Chile, Haiti, Christchurch, Northridge and Japan the presenters will talk about their experiences and offer advice to the construction industry.

Possible speakers to include:
Rob Simpson, Glotman Simpson Structural Engineers
Carlos Ventura, UBC Dept of Civil Engineering
Lindsay Olsen, Insurance Bureau of Canada - to cover insurance related aspects
Chris Poland, Degenkolb Assoc. in San Francisco - to cover business resumption program in SF
John Cassidy, Geological Survey of Canada - to cover seismicity aspects (the alternate is John Clague of SFU)
Jim Alkins, Ministry of Education, to cover schools seismic retrofit program

May 23, 2002

Knowledge Management: A Productivity Tool for Construction - Fact or Fiction?

Knowledge and innovation are key drivers of the economy. In the changing construction industry clients will be demanding more than low bids. P3's will require a knowledgeable team able to share and learn.

Knowledge management can be rendered as: "People know stuff and we need to encourage them to share it in a useful and productive manner so we don't constantly re-invent ourselves - only then can we get on with the fun and innovative creation of new knowledge".

Can you tell the difference between data, information, and knowledge? Shouldn't you be able to?

Michelle Sharp, President of Edge Training and Consulting Ltd., will give us an introduction to knowledge management and its potential for your company. Michelle has worked with many of your customers: BC Gas, BC Hydro Lehigh Cement, and Ministries of Health, Forests and Education.

In the next 2 weeks she will be e-mailing a short survey to identify your concerns. She will use this as the basis for her presentation to us on May 23. Please take the time to respond to her e-mail. It will be from Don't delete it - reply to it and come out on May 23 to see what is on the industry's mind.

April 25, 2002

Vancouver Transit Strategy

Transit, transportation and traffic affect everyone living in the city and visiting the city. Moving goods and people is a challenge at the best of times but in a city without freeways and subways it is even more difficult. But Vancouver is taking the approach that all modes of transportation - cars, buses, bicycles, walking - can and should be part of an overall transportation strategy.

City of Vancouver staff have presented a report to Council proposing a long term transit strategy for Vancouver composed of the following elements:

  • an updated and expanded local and express bus system
  • a downtown streetcar with a possible at grade extension along the Arbutus Corridor to Kerrisdale and Marpole
  • extension of the Millennium line as a subway from Vancouver Community College along Central Broadway to Granville
  • a regional transit subway linking Vancouver, Richmond and Vancouver Airport

Dave Rudberg, General Manager of Engineering Services for the City of Vancouver, will present this strategy to members and guests of the Construction Roundtable.

Find out about opportunities for the construction industry, whether P3's are part of the scenario and what the timeline is for the various elements.

March 18, 2002

Annual General Meeting

Guest Speaker: John Furlong
Vancouver Whistler 2010 Bid Corporation
Bidding for the Olympic Winter Games

John Furlong, Chief Operating Officer with the 2010 Bid Corporation, will bring us a behind-the-scenes and up to the minute look at the ongoing and complex undertaking of the Winter Games bid: what is involved, what has transpired to date, what more is to be done, what will the Games mean to the BC Economy in general and the BC Construction industry in particular.

Mr. Furlong is a resident of Richmond, BC. A member of the Canadian Olympic Association, Mr. Furlong has served as co-chair of the BC Summer and Winter Games and Sport BC. He founded the Northern BC Winter Games Society and was a BC Mission Staff member for seven Canada Games.

Mr. Furlong has served as chair of the Richmond General Hospital and the Richmond Health Alliance. He is the former head of Physical Education at Prince George College and was a trustee at Vancouver Community College. He has been recognized with both the Darrel Thompson and Kaizan Awards for service to sport in BC over a lifetime.

March 7, 2002

Beyond Partnering - Alliance Contracts

Vancouver-based mining company Teck Cominco operates Red Dog, the world's largest zinc mine, in a remote area of northwest Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle.

In early 2000, Teck Cominco, Vancouver-based engineers AMEC E&C Services and Anchorage-based contractor NANA/VECO signed an Alliance Contract to engineer, procure and construct the $US 105 million Value Improvement Project (VIP) Mill Optimization based on an ambitious, 22-month schedule from conception to start-up.

Working as an integrated organization, the project team was able to take advantage of innovative construction techniques, such as modularization in Anchorage, and bring the project in on budget and meet the extremely tight shipping windows for delivery of equipment and material to site.

VIP Mill Optimization Project Manager Steve Ciccone will present a project overview and insights on the challenges and opportunities afforded by Alliance contracting - an open book, single team approach that seeks to break down the barriers between owner, consultant and contractor to achieve outstanding performance. Teck Cominco General Manager of Projects, Bob Hutchinson, will be on hand to answer questions regarding the Owner's perspective on this unique method of project delivery.

February 28, 2002

Redevelopment of Vancouver General Hospital

Vancouver General Hospital contracted with Mark Betteridge & Associates (MBA) Inc. and with Davidson Yuen Simpson Architects to manage the rezoning of its lands and to create business plans, risk analyses and financing alternatives to create the medical technology park and associated facilities.

Vancouver City Council has approved the rezoning that will permit 645,000 sq. ft. of medical technology space, renovation of the 1906 Heather Heritage Pavilion, creation of more than 7 acres of open space, redevelopment of the former Nurses Residence site for a range of residential uses and the inclusion of retail space throughout the development. While not strictly part of the rezoning, the Hospital intends to see construction of the 365,000 sq. ft. Academic Ambulatory Care Centre occur soon.

Mark Betteridge and Ron Yuen will give a presentation on the next phases of the project and the potential timeline for completion.

January 24, 2002

Fredericton - Moncton Highway: Relevance to BC?

Robin Johnston will review the highlights of the Fredericton - Moncton Highway project and the application of some of the processes to future BC infrastructure development.

The $600 million project is a recently commissioned toll facility implemented as a Public-Private Partnership in New Brunswick. It is a key link in the Maritime Trans Canada Highway system and was initiated to improve the efficiency of goods movement and the safety of the travelling public.

Robin has been a leading member of the project team since its formation five years ago.

Robin is a principal of Collings Johnston Inc., a technical management consultant. Collings Johnston Inc. provides the interface between project owners, their stakeholders and specialist disciplines. It advises senior management on procedural matters; it appraises project feasibility and develops and co-ordinates the delivery processes on publicly and/or privately financed transportation initiatives.